RACM is proud to announce a Virtual Weekly Series of Topics to Keep You Ahead!  Don’t Let Your Business Skip a Beat, and take this opportunity to Learn and Grow!

April 1: Ten Things To Do Today

Does today’s world have you frozen? Breakthrough the chaos with some simple and doable actions. Jody will share lessons from the most DOING person in her life along with a basic 10 step action plan to keep moving forward towards your destination of Success.

April 8: Ten Marketing Tips Post Quarantine

What will be the most important tasks you can do on every property to get it sold in a new world of real estate. Following these tips could give your real estate business an advantage over the competition and achieve a seller goal – get it sold.

April 15: Get Five Truths

With every day, every transaction every consumer you are faced with a series of decisions. Adopt these five truths to create the career you desire.

April 22: Get REAL with the Public

Is it time to provide your clients with the information and services they want and value. Learn how to give them:
Reality Check –Factual business information not based on a Panic Mindset
Education – current state of the art information that will help them to make informed decisions
Access to information – Data, data, and data is what they most desire
Loyalty – Give, and you will receive the most valid statement about client loyalty. Increase your client satisfaction, and you will not only serve your  current clients but gain new clients.

April 29: Five Enemies to Prosperity 

The five factors that can destroy even the greatest of business plans. They can erode your confidence and undermine your success. They can turn even the strongest into an unproductive or mediocre agent. Beware!

1. Ignorance

2. Fear

3. Chaos

4. Conformity

5. Anonymity