REALTORS® Association of Central Massachusetts

Explore a Flexible Career as a Real Estate Salesperson

To become a real estate salesperson in the state of Massachusetts you must complete a 40-hour class and pass a written exam.

If interested in obtaining your Real Estate Broker license in Massachusetts you must:

  • complete a 40-hour course,
  • pass a written exam

This a five (5) week course, consisting of Saturday mornings 8am-12pm and Monday evenings 5:30pm-9:30pm. In order to qualify for the exam, you MUST complete the full 40hrs.

Course Curriculum

Class 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business, Real Property and Law

Class 2: Real Estate Contracts, Land Use and Property Development

Class 3: Interest in Real Estate, Forms of Real Estate Ownership

Class 4: Real Estate Taxes & Other Liens, Leases, Environmental  Issues and Real Estate Transactions

Class 5: Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Agency, Client Representation Agreement

Class 6: Land Description, Transfer of Title, Title Records

Class 7: Real Estate Financing, Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing

Class 8: Fair Housing, Closing in Real Estate Transactions

Class 9: Real Estate Appraisal, Investing in Real Estate

Class 10: Mass License Real Estate Law

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