REALTORS® Association of Central Massachusetts

Explore a Flexible Career as a Real Estate Salesperson

To become a real estate salesperson in the state of Massachusetts you must complete a 40-hour class and pass a written exam.

If interested in obtaining your Real Estate Broker license in Massachusetts you must:

  • complete a 40-hour course,
  • pass a written exam

This a five (5) week course, consisting of Saturday mornings 8am-12pm and Monday evenings 5:30pm-9:30pm. In order to qualify for the exam, you MUST complete the full 40hrs.

Course Curriculum

Class 1: Introduction to the Real Estate Business, Real Property and Law
Class 2: Real Estate Contracts, Land Use and Property Development
Class 3: Interest in Real Estate, Forms of Real Estate Ownership
Class 4: Real Estate Taxes & Other Liens, Leases, Environmental  Issues and Real Estate Transactions
Class 5: Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Agency, Client Representation Agreement
Class 6: Land Description, Transfer of Title, Title Records
Class 7: Real Estate Financing, Government Involvement in Real Estate Financing
Class 8: Fair Housing, Closing in Real Estate Transactions
Class 9: Real Estate Appraisal, Investing in Real Estate
Class 10: Mass License Real Estate Law

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The Salesperson Training at RACM really prepared me to take my Real Estate License Exam. The instructors were really fun and made learning enjoyable. I would recommend anyone who is interested in the real estate industry to complete this training!

Jennifer, Recent Student

The weeks fly right by! Training is scheduled in the evenings and weekends which fit my full-time work schedule while I try to transition into the real estate field. The instructors were so experienced and taught with real-life experience, which made it much easier for our class to understand. Thanks RACM!

Samir, Recent Student

The Salesperson Training at RACM gave me the opportunity to change my career into something that works for me. The classes really prepared me to take my Real Estate License Exam and I am proud to say I passed on the first time. Thank you to the RACM instructors for all of your help!

Carole, Recent Student