2020 Tech Week

Kick off to 2020 Tech Week!









Although the 2020 Tech Fair had to be cancelled, we have not stopped working to give you the tech-filled experience you asked for!  Join us! On Monday, June 15 to Friday, June 19, RACM’s Professional Develop Committee presents, 2020 Tech Week!

Recently, we produced the newest series, the Growth on the Go, Special Edition Series!  We have been able to produce WEEKLY podcasts providing you with knowledge on how to deal with what is becoming the ‘new normal’, since COVID-19.

As we would still like to give you a taste of what could have been the 2020 Tech Fair, we will be extending the Special Edition Series and creating a TECH WEEK! This week will be jammed packed with tech related videos relevant to taking the new normal by storm in the real estate industry. We hope these videos boost members knowledge and expertise on a few key tools.


Tech Week Schedule

  • BoxBrownie: Monday, June 15
  • Social Media 101: Tuesday, June 16
  • Facebook Watch Party: Wednesday, June 17
  • Matterport: Thursday, June 18
  • Drones: Friday, June 19