Tips and Advice for Working With Home Buyers During COVID-19

 The novel coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses globally without the exception of the real estate industry. Stringent measures that were enacted to curb the spread of the virus have been recently relaxed to allow businesses to resume to a certain degree. To face the fact, the present situation has no doubt changed the approach and atmosphere of conducting business for virtually all real estate agents and home buyers. 

Taking cues from the OSHA and CDC directives, here are 5 tips to consider when dealing with home buyers during covid-19:

Regular disinfection

In line with the CDC directives, regular disinfection of surfaces is crucial to curtailing the spread of the virus. Real estate agents are mandated to disinfect frequently touched surfaces to ensure home buyers are safe should there be a need to be physically present at properties. The disinfection would include handrails, countertops, and door handles since all are hotspots for viruses due to frequent touch.

Note that disinfection is not a one-time action especially when showing homes or hosting open house events—it’s a perfect safeguard for homebuyers and sellers.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours have seen a surge in use by several REALTORS®, and this comes as no surprise considering the admonition of health practitioners to maintain social distancing. A virtual tour allows home buyers to get a detailed view of homes without being present physically. The virtual tour ranges from using pre-recorded videos, real-time videos, 360 view images, and panoramic pictures to show every part of the house—just like walking through the house. Additionally, the tours also give a vivid view of the home exterior; including rooftops like concrete shingles or garage trims, lawn, parking spaces, and other fittings.

Hand washing, social distancing, and use of nose mask

As part of safety measures issued by each state, handwashing is of utmost importance. Sellers do well to put hand washing facilities in place at offices when hosting open house events, and individual home showing sessions to home buyers. It can be quite helpful to use posters to also remind clients of the need to wash hands before and after exiting a property.

Homebuyers should also be informed ahead of time to bring along nose masks to keep safe while on tour. Also important is social distancing; adherence to the six meters distance between two persons is crucial. More importantly, open showing should have a limited number of people to avoid crowding. Supplementary guidelines will include the avoidance of handshakes, touching surfaces, handrails, and other forms of direct physical contact.

Create social media awareness for home buyers

REALTORS® are encouraged to take advantage of their social media sites to inform clients of adjustments regarding new practices when checking out properties. Websites of sellers are also an avenue to notify and educate home buyers of a new measure to ensure safety while making a property purchase. In doing these, clients will be well informed in advance and will be able to prepare and evaluate their options; whether to visit in person or take advantage of digital avenues.

Effective communication

Property listings will have more views, and this will get lots for homebuyers asking questions. Unlike in times past, the request to visit a property may not always be met with positive replies due to the covid-19 pandemic. So, when home tours are unavailable or are not feasible, it’s imperative to make a communication line open for consultation. The role of open communication transcends just responding to enquiries but also to maintain the relationship with existing clients. In the light of these, ensure to answer all calls, respond to emails swiftly, and engage well with social media contacts.

Overall, follow these tips and advice when working with home buyers. Remember to utilize pictures and videos right from displaying roof types like concrete shingles, composite slate tile, and other details like lovely floor design. Additionally, keep in mind handwashing guidelines, social distancing, and impress upon clients the need to avoid touching spots like door handles and handrails. By doing this, the real estate industry will thrive.
Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.