REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts recently completed its Member Feedback survey of members of REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts. The survey asked members to comment on their opinions on their membership and their perception of REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts. They also were asked to answer general questions about the preferred ways of communication and classroom style. A total of 16 members completed the survey. These findings will provide staff with valuable information that will enable them to communicate more effectively about membership benefits, classes and services available.

As an incentive designed to encourage participation in the survey, RACM included the names of each respondent in a random drawing for two online gift cards from Amazon. Both cards were valued at $25 each. The two winners will receive a direct email from REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts including a link to their winnings.

RACM would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. We are committed to analyzing the results of our members to provide the benefits and services that are important to our members.

Want to know who won? Join our members-only Facebook Group as we announce the winners today at noontime.

Anyone with questions about the survey should contact Jennifer Hernandez, Communication Director at 508-832-6600 or