Becoming a real estate professional is a strategic way to take a hold of your career path and explore the many opportunities of uncapped earning potential, becoming your own boss, cultivating great relationships with clients and becoming an asset to them as you help them achieve homeownership.

1. Be Your Own Boss
Starting your career as a real estate professional gives you the freedom to become your own boss and work the hours you want. Real estate agents are independent contractors that have the flexibility of creating their own schedules, developing their own client base and have the final decision on how much time they want to dedicate to their career. The good news is that your business growth simply depends on YOU!

2. Making Dreams Come True
Working as a real estate salesperson gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of great clients. Each client has specific property needs that you have the pleasure of helping them find. Being able to walk through this special journey with each client is a priceless moment of satisfaction when you are able to find the home of their dreams. Not a lot of careers offer the ability to make a life-changing impact in clients lives, but in real estate you do!

3. Unlimited Earning Potential
Gone are the days when you receive a bi-weekly paycheck for the same amount month after month. Becoming a real estate salesperson gives YOU the control of your earnings. A career in real estate is far from easy. However, those who want to put in the hard work can expect to earn a generous commission for each property sold. An average real estate salesperson in Boston earns about $65,600 to $103,720 per year. Remember, ultimately YOU control that number!

4. You Are the Expert
As a real estate agent, you are hired by your clients for your expertise in the real estate market. The more you invest in yourself by continuing your education the more your worth increases and the better you are able to assist your clients. In addition to earning the required continuing education credits, most real estate agents go one step ahead by earning certificates and designations in their field. Expanding your knowledge in these areas not only makes you a valuable resource but increases your skills, proficiency and marketability.

5. Starting is Easy
This is a career move that doesn’t have to wait! Starting your lucrative career as a real estate salesperson is actually simpler and less expensive than most would think. Below are the steps to get the ball rolling:

 Step 1: Take A Pre-License Salesperson Course
This 40-hour course will prepare you to learn everything you need to pass your Real Estate Licensing Exam.

 Step 2: Pass Your Real Estate License Exam
Once you complete your pre-licensing course you can then sit for your Massachusetts real estate licensing exam.

 Step 3: Get Out There and Start Selling Real Estate
The day you pass your real estate license exam you will receive your official real estate license. You will then be eligible to set foot out on your new career journey in real estate!

From all of us at the REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts, we wish you the best in all of your educational and career goals! If you have any questions on becoming a real estate agent, please call us at 508-832-6600. Our upcoming Salesperson Pre-Licensing Class begins on June 20th – register today to jumpstart your career!